Candy Syrup

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    I'd been tempted to make some for a while now since I've used it a couple times brewing. I'm about to start some mead soon and thought it would go well with it. First of all if you haven't tried it, DO IT! I don't know if any of the flavors will come threw in the end but it was awesome to taste the differences in the sugar as it started to darken up a bit.

    As the syrup just started to turn color, just into the yellow/light orange range the taste went from sweet sugar to a citrusy lemon/lime flavor. I was curious and let it darken a bit. This didn't take long at all! The taste went from citrus to something that reminded me of root beer candy.

    I used an acid blend to make it an invert sugar. I don't know if an acid blend would work or not but it came out delicious. Thinking about making another small batch, let it harden completely and breaking it up into rock candy.

    Any of you that have done this experienced same flavors?


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