Bug - Brew session ignores Est. Boil Size (post-boil dilution)

Discussion in 'Recipe Editor' started by getack, Nov 8, 2016.

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    I'm not sure if I'm supposed to post this elsewhere but here goes.

    I have limited kettle capacity. I can get out max. 15L post boil and upgrading my kettle is currently out of the question. I have a 25 liter mash tun and fermentation capacity is not an issue.

    I want to start getting more out of my brew day in terms of volume of beer for the amount of time spent and double batches are not going to happen because they suck.

    I got the idea of diluting with water prior to fermentation. My idea is I make a 15 liter batch high IBU, high gravity beer and then dilute to reach my target numbers. Obviously poorer hop utilisation is taken into account.

    BF's recipe editor gives me the option to give a target (fermentor) volume and an est. boil size. This seems to work correctly because if I create say a 30L target batch but enter a 19 liter boil size (max my kettle can handle) all the numbers still check out, IBU's are lower since I boil in less volume so then I can up the hops to reach my target IBU.

    The problem is it seems like the brew session side of the tool ignores this and it wants me to start my boil with 35 liters (which is impossible).

    So I guess either it's a bug and BF is supposed to know that I want to boil at a higher gravity and dilute afterwords or it should be a feature request where post-boil dilution is an explicit feature that I can make use of.
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    Sounds like you know what your doing. Software is a crutch in many instances and you don't need to calculate or confirm everything.

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