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Feb 12, 2014
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When working out my water chemistry I am not quite sure if I should be checking the boil water box! I treat all my water together (mash and sparge) but when it comes to the Boiling and Lime softening (I don't as a rule use Slaked Lime) I have been leaving this unchecked as I don't decant my water. But of course I the water is boiled for the hot breaking and a rolling boil for hop addiditions. DOES the boiled water box apply to excessive boiling before cooling it for mashing ans sparging?
I think you should check the box if you boil your mash and sparge water before you mash and sparge with it. In addition if you boil it and decant it off of the precipitate before you mash and sparge with it, I think you should also check the decant water box.
Hello, as im new to water profiles i want to ask what is the difference in adding salts before or after boil for water softening?
I notice that adding salts after boil does not affect the hardness. Is that the case?
Thanks in advance