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Nov 19, 2013
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I am looking to increase my brewing library and trying figure out what some good books are. I have Designing Great Beers. And I am planning to get How to Brew also, I read it from the library and think it is a good reference book. Any other good reference books that people have found?
Start with the basics...
How to brew
Complete Joy of Home Brewing
Brewing Classic Styles

The water and yeast book are very informative but I always say walk before you run

+1 to the above.

'Stick with the basics'- good advice.
If you can make the same beer 2-3 times and it be the same, good for you- you're brewing!
Keep the burner hot!
+1 on Palmer and Kaminski's Water - A comprehensive Guide for Brewers
Designing Great Beers - Daniels
Radical Brewing - Mosher
For The Love of Hops - Hieronymus
My go to reference book has always been "The Complete Handbook of Home Brewing" by Dave Miller. It's a bit nerdy, but then again so am I. I like it because it gives you the reasons behind the instructions that a lot of books skip over. For instance, when I first started all grain, I was puzzled why all the books said to mash in at 152, but the first recipe I did said to mash in at 156. This book concisely answers those sorts of questions.