Brewing based on inventory, am I doing it wrong?

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Dec 24, 2014
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Please help, I feel like I'm doing something wrong because it takes so many steps and editing. I cannot believe the system works like this, so I assume I am the one creating errors.

I have my inventory in the system. Everything is correct to the gram and alpha. I have working recipes entered in the system. Off course, the alpha in the recipe are not the same alpha as my actual inventory.
Today I want to brew one of my recipes. I take the recipe and click on Brew! The system asks me if I want to deduct the ingredients from my inventory. My hops are not listed because alpha in inventory and recipe are different.
Instead of deduct from inventory, I choose to make a snapshot and click brew it. After the brew is created, I go to my recipes, search the created snapshot and click edit. In the recipe I manually recalculate ALL my hops, so that I know how many grams of hops I need to take from the actual inventory. After editing, save the recipe and go back to brewsessions. I open the today created brewsession and select edit tab. Click on 'Load inventory deduction options' , now it gives me the option to deduct the actual used ingredients from my inventory.

Do I really need all these steps to deduct every ingredient from inventory? What steps am I doing wrong? Please help me finding my way in this system.
As far as I know that's the best way to do what you need. I have a feature tracked to make this an easier process by allowing auto-adjustment of quantities based on AA, as well as choosing ingredients from inventory rather than the generic options. Thanks for the feedback; hope we can make this easier in the near future.
Sorry, forgot to reply to your post.
Sounds really great if you could implement this in the future. Any idea when this (roughly) will be done ?