Brewing a Troegs Mad Elf Ale Clone + Recipe

Discussion in 'Recipes for Feedback' started by pghsince72, Jan 18, 2019.

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    I started thinking about what I was going to brew for the holiday season back in October. Troegs Mad Elf Ale has been my go-to holiday beer for a very long time. I set out to create a clone.

    I searched for an accurate recipe that matched up with the malts listed on Troegs site: Unfortunately I didn't find anything that quite matched up. Most of them were either too dark with an SRM of 18 - 20 or over hopped.

    The recipe I came up with is listed on my website here:

    My full brew day, with tasting notes at the end, is posted here:

    I would make two changes to the recipe. Additional canned cherries and changing out the dark Munich for a lighter one.

    The original threads I started with on Home Brew Talk are here:öegs-mad-elf-ale-clone.183922/

    Has anyone else tried to brew a Mad Elf clone?

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