Brew session shows est. recipe FG not actual

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Jul 6, 2020
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I did a preliminary search on the topic -- apologies if this has been addressed somewhere already.

Why does the main dashboard in the brew session show FG as the predicted FG from the recipe rather than the brew session's actual FG from the "Fermentation Complete" log entry?

Screenshot 2022-01-17 111400.png
Screenshot 2022-01-17 111441.png

As I go through current and past brews, this always throws me off, and I feel it takes more hunting to find the real # than necessary. Seems to be the same in the web version and iOS app.

Would love if this could be adjusted.

I just change the attenuation to match.
gotcha, i can see that could work for making sure the dashboard is correct. But it doesn't preserve the delta for future troubleshooting -- I want to know if my attenuation was below my expected % so I can adjust process/ingredients. Good work around for now though, thanks!