Brew Session: Inventory - Recipe = Shopping List?

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Jul 28, 2013
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I may be doing something out of order, but I'm not able to get a proper shopping list out of creating a new brew session. What I think I should be able to do:
  • Create a brew session
  • Deduct required ingredients from inventory
  • Add balance of required ingredients to shopping list

All I seem to be able to do is deduct from inventory, but then all I can do is print current inventory and convert the recipe into a shopping list, but with these two sheets, I have no idea what I have on hand, since the recipe has been deducted, my inventory, once I get to the brew store I have no idea what I need, since the shopping list is the FULL recipe, but my inventory is the DEDUCTED inventory. What I expect is the shopping list to tbe the BALANCE if recipe - inventory - am I missing something?
That order is different from what the system currently supports.

The current supported flow of ingredients is:
Recipe -> Add to shopping list
Buy stuff -> convert shopping list to inventory
Start Brew -> deduct from inventory

Let us know if that helps. We could look at switching it so you can brew first, then deduct from inventory later. Negative inventory is probably not something we want to get into though.
I thought the same thing as OP. Would it be possible to have it look at inventory before adding to shopping list, and either not add to shopping list if there is enough inventory, or add the additional needed? This should probably be in feature request, huh?
potential option below?
> create recipe
> create shopping list, check against inventory
> go shopping, add to inventory
> create brew session and deduct from inventory.
Thanks for the feedback.

We do have plans to make the shopping list and inventory a little more intelligent so it does a better job of anticipating needs. There are already a couple threads in the feature request forum tracking that but they have fallen off the first page.