Bottling to a Growler


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Dec 31, 2012
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Just wondering if any fellow bottlers have used growlers to bottle condition in? I did 2 from my last batch and checking them last night i noticed a small head of bubbles on top of the beer. Im afraid im losing some carbonation through the paper lined screw caps. I put the monster grip on the caps and seated them down good so hopefully i
didn't lose much if any.
I've had mixed success. I got the plastic lined caps that are a bit more expensive. Once had to use channel locks to get one of those off though.

I've even tried the 4L mini kegs. Had mixed success there too and ended up selling them. Could never get through 4L before it went flat, and the CO2 cartridges were a pain.

22oz bottles with oxy caps are the way to go when it comes to bottling. Highly recommend getting a draft system, love mine.
#1 on the draft system! Once you keg you'll never go back. Well that is unless your making something like a duval or a high end highly carbed brew.
Kegging would definately take my brewing to the next level plus bottling is really becoming a pain.