Bottle dregs?


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May 29, 2013
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I was thinking about grabbing some bottles that have some good Brett in it and others the have brett, lacto, and pedio in them. Anyone have any bad experiences with using the dregs from a bottle?

My plan is to mix the Brett dregs from one or more bottles in with Brett B. and Brett C. once the Saison is done and use that as my house Brett mix. The pedio and lacto I'll keep separate and pitch it when I'm going to do a sour beer.
Bottle dredges are fine, but you have to really baby the yeast to get them going again. I have some US-05 and w 34/70 that were saved from bottle dredges that are over a year old. My last brew was with the 34/70 and it took right off.

I do however save my yeast on slants, which starts off with growing the yeast in a petri dish, and then only selecting healthy colonies for storage, and ultimately brewing. Its not necessary but it does isolate the yeast from any potential baddies hanging around.
I think I'm eventually going to start storing yeast on slants but for now I'm going to keep them in small 4oz canning jars.