Bottle calculator update suggestions.

Discussion in 'Feature Requests' started by Brewer #55679, Dec 14, 2015.

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    It would be cool of we had check boxes so that we could pick our bottle size(for example, 330, grolsch, half liter and craft), the calculator then divides by the number of sizes (4) and then takes the remaining, adds it up, and fills bottles largest to smallest (or vice versa, could be a radio button). If we edit the number of bottles, then it subtracts that, divides it by the number of remaining sizes (I.e. If I say I have four grolsch and eight craft bottles then it divides the remaining batch in half because I have two sizes unspecified) and fills accordingly.

    Also, if we could have a capable bottle counter built in as well (a radio button under each bottle with "how many swing tops o none o some [#] o all") so we could know how many bottle caps we need to have on hand. This could also be a limiting factor for the above and probably the best way to make this tool legendary (ok, I have 40 caps, a few bombers, a bunch of halfers and too many 12ers...oh please let me have enough caps...)

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