Blueberry In ale?? Anyone have experience?

Discussion in 'General Brewing Discussions' started by BoomerBrews, Jan 23, 2019.

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    I made a cherry ale back in November using 2.25# of dark cherries and adding in the primary at peak ferm. The recipe was a hit. It was super smooth and the cherry wasn’t super noticeable but it was obvious there was a Fruit in there. Ever since I made it I’ve had multiple people who drank it at my Christmas party asking me to make it again. Being new to brewing I want to adventure and try new things.

    I want to do the same recipe but change the aroma hops and use blueberries and maybe an orange peel in it. I’ve read on other forums blueberries are very subtle. I do not want to use extract. I’ve had bad experiences using brewers best extract flavorings. I also don’t want the blueberry to be obnoxious. I was thinking of using 5#s of frozen blueberries that were cycled through multiple thaw/refreeze cycles and adding them when ferm starts to slow down. Anyone have experience using this fruit? Also was thinking about using citra hops for an aroma addition.

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