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Sep 5, 2016
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I think this would be a cool feature.

I am currently manually inputting the vital statistics of my beers that I currently have on tap into a check list. Checklist is synchronized to a tablet that I have close to my beer collection (taps and bottles).

When I finish off a batch, I simply check off the beer from the menu, and manually add others when they are ready to drink.

What would be really nice is to have a feature in Brewer's Friend that allows me to tick off a check box and have that particular beer exported to a compact menu that would tell me the name of the beer, alcohol content, ibus, calories, srm, and other Vital Statistics. If I want to know more, I can click on a link that would take me to the Brew session. That would need to have a quick link back to the Beer menu.

I think this would be important to have as a separate app so that all I have to do is click on one icon to bring up the menu rather than navigating through the Brewer's Friend app.

All of the underpinnings for this or already present in the BF app. When I put the little slider "into ready to drink," that should populate my beer menu. When I finish it off, I put the slider on "all gone" it takes it off the menu.

This is already a feature in BF, I'm going to feel like an idiot. But, still, it should be a separate app that can be purchased for a few bucks.
I've found a whiteboard marker on fridge door almost foolproof
Each tap is marked with name , ABV and IBU
Bottle fridge has same but shows which shelf each is on
I've been using the dry erase method for a while as well. Written on the keezer lid. I used to make name, ABV, and IBU. Now I just mark the name.
I pour and taste or halfway through pour i realize im on the wrong beer gulp that down then pour the one i want. No problem atm ive only got one keg on tap atm:eek::confused:. That will change by next weekend though few.​