batch cost tracking

Kevin N

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Aug 13, 2012
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I would love to see a feature in the brew session that would allow for the cost of each ingredient, and subsequently a rollup total for each brew session. In that way you could see the cost of each batch of a particular recipe and see how the costs change over time. Additionally you could see the cost per recipe vs other recipes etc.
Indeed cost tracking is a great idea and has been on the roadmap from the start.

There are also some 'hidden' costs of each batch, not specifically listed. We'd probably want to turn these into profile options, or at least provide an option to use settings from previous brews: ... tem-costs/

These are items like caps, fuel, sanitizer, water (yes, some people do need to purchase spring water or RO water).

We will see if anyone else chimes in here with feedback. This is planned, but not scheduled for a release at this time.
I'm new to the site and still getting use to the recipe builder (fairly awesome as far as I can tell so far - great job!), but I've already started putting the ingredient costs in the notes for items in my inventory. I'm putting the real cost in the notes (ie. $3 for 2 lb bag of flaked oats), then putting the per unit cost in the "location" field (ie. $1.50/lb). This is just a nice-to-have, but you've got it all built anyway - just a couple more fields to the ingredients table....
We did introduce an estimated price field into the shopping list feature. Not totally what you are after here, but just passing that along.