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Discussion in 'Recipe Editor' started by Umoyk, May 8, 2015.

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    I posted this in the "feature request" forum, but maybe I should post it here, given that it's actually a "feature removal request". I'm surprised that no one paid attention to my post. Doesn't anyone else find this really annoying? Since when did 75% stop meaning 75%? Since when did "custom" stop meaning "custom"?

    I want the automatic attenuation calculator to disappear. Below is my previous post:

    I've noticed that now mash temperature affects the predicted final gravity. This is fine and makes perfect sense as an additional calculation. HOWEVER, I find it a bit nonsensical that the attenuation changes regardless of whether the user has already specified "custom attenuation".

    In most of my recipes I specified a custom attenuation because I know more or less what my mash schedule and sugar additions correspond to, in terms of attenuation. I find it ridiculous that now if I tell the calculator that my attenuation will be, say, 80%, from an OG of 1.050, the calculator will not say that FG is 1.010, but it will make a calculation on top of my already-specified 80%. So now I have to adjust my number to a nonsensical percentage (e.g., 78%) so that the calculator will predicts the desired 80%. Please don't do this. Do not assume that the calculator knows better than the brewer, specially considering the calculator doesn't consider mash pH, calcium content, or amount of (100% fermentable) sugars added to the boil; all of them factors that have a very strong impact on attenuation. I hate having the calculator second-guessing me.

    My point is simply that 75% should mean 75% and 80% should mean 80%. An additional feature that predicts attenuation is nice, but "custom" means "custom". Maybe add a button "Brewer's Friend predicted attenuation", so that the user can choose.

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