Another mash PH

Sorry about that Balrog, we shall wield the Flame of Anor and save your mash pH as quickly as possible.

Looks like some changes to the grain categorization from beta made it to the live site when it shouldn't have.

I spent a good bit of time going over the entire fermentable database, correcting types and categories, and we'll be introducing a couple new ones (specialty malt, smoked malt, honey, fruit juice, and fruit puree).

Unfortunately those changes were supposed to stay separate on beta until the update was ready, so now we're using the live sites pH calculations with the beta fermentable categories, doesn't know what to do with a specialty malt, (which ATM just includes munich, aromatic malts, biscuit, melanoidin and dextrine malts like carapils).
This update has been released, please let us know if you still experience any issues.