American (West Coast) IPA Hop Rates for Flavor and Aroma


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Mar 14, 2018
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This thread is specifically about hop rates for flavor and aroma in an American IPA.
I am curious to hear what others use for hop rates for this style.

It is a bit of a running joke here that I am single handedly keeping the hop growers in business, but I have arrived at the hop rates that I employ by gradually increasing them to get the results that I have been looking for. Of course, levels of flavor and aroma are highly subjective, and differ appropriately per beer style. So this thread is specifically regarding flavor and aroma, IBU’s are a different subject all together.

My current version of the American IPA that I brew, has evolved and is fairly similar in flavor, aroma, and bitterness to the "Wayner’s Pale Ale" that was our 2021 Q1 Community Recipe . This 5 gallon recipe gets just about the same amount of hops (Wayner’s 454 grams, Craigerrs 420 grams), but the hop schedule is a quite different. With Wayner’s there were no boil additions, it was all hop stand, and dry additions. The first time I brewed this recipe the dry hopping was 2 ounces of Citra. I had two one ounce packages to add. My dog Ruby was with me when I added them, poor thing thought she was getting a treat, she was sitting looking at me hopefully, hence the name, Cit Ruby Cit. I have obviously increased this significantly over time.

Here are the hop additions with grams per liter rates for Cit Ruby Cit:

Total Hops (420.5 g)
29 g (
35 IBU) — Magnum 12% — Boil60 min
Total 1.33 grams per liter

14.5 g (4 IBU) — Centennial 10% — Boil5 min
14.5 g (
5 IBU) — Chinook 13% — Boil5 min
14.5 g (
5 IBU) — Citra 12% — Boil5 min
Total 2 grams per liter

29 g (2 IBU) — Centennial 10% — Aroma20 min hopstand @ 72 °C
29 g (
3 IBU) — Chinook 13% — Aroma20 min hopstand @ 72 °C
29 g (
3 IBU) — Citra 12% — Aroma20 min hopstand @ 72 °C
29 g (
3 IBU) — Simcoe 13% — Aroma20 min hopstand @ 72 °C
Total 5.3 grams per liter

58 g — Chinook 13% — Dry Hopday 1
58 g
— Citra 12% — Dry Hopday 1
58 g
— Chinook 13% — Dry Hopday 2
58 g
— Citra 12% — Dry Hopday 2
Total 10.68 grams per liter

So, I am curious to hear about your hop rates in your favorite American, or West Coast IPA.
Late Boil?
Hop Stand?
Dry Hop?

Here is a picture of the most recent version of this recipe which really knocked my socks off as much as Wayner's knocked my socks off!

I have recently brewed this again, except have swapped in El Dorado for everything except the bittering addition. Should be kegging El Dorado IPA today, expecting it to look the same.
I just did a Pale Ale/IPA with K97 Kolsch yeast. I did my usual "no boiled hops" method. 6.5 gallon (24.5 liter), @ 60 IBU, 1.060 OG.

Whirlpool @ 165F (74C) 30 minutes
11 ounces (312 grams) Idaho 7. 12 grams per liter
5.5 ounces (155 grams) Mosaic 6.3 grams per liter

Dry hop 3 days
5 ounces (142 grams) Idaho 7 5.8 grams per liter
2 ounces (57 grams) Mosaic 2.3 grams per liter

23.5 ounces (667 grams) total. 27.2 grams per liter (7.5 pounds per barrel)

The wort at pitch smelled and tasted like orange marmalade, very intense. First time I've used this much Idaho 7 in one beer. I can't wait to taste it this weekend. Between the two of us we took a big dent out of the hop market.
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I just bought a pound of Idaho 7, haven't decided what to do with it yet, probably use it in a NEIPA
I just bought a pound of Idaho 7, haven't decided what to do with it yet, probably use it in a NEIPA
It's supposed to have a lot of orange/citrus and I got a lot of that. I'm just not sure how much of that will make it through to the final beer.