All Grain and BIAB recipes


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Aug 22, 2012
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Simple question; Do all grain recipes have to be modified for BIAB?
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The only thing that is materially different is the mash thickness, and possibly more trub, but neither impact the recipe itself. In any all grain recipe, BIAB or not, there could be differences in efficiency factor between yourself and the person who shared / authored the recipe. The recipe calculator can scale by efficiency (look for the scale button at the top of the edit screen).

The brew steps are different, and that is accounted for in the brew feature.
To add to Larry's answer, short answer is no. Long answer is if your efficiency is going to be lower than the recipe you are thinking about doing (unless you create one yourself) then you might have to increase the grain amounts to hit the target OG of the recipe. Do you know what your efficiency might be?
First, thanks for all the replies.
No, I don't know what my efficeincy might be, though i do consider myself an effeceint person ;)
I only have one BIAB under my belt at this point and didn't have the proper hydrometer when I pitched so not sure what my effeceincy will be on this brew.
But I see a lot of all grain recipes i'd like to use but just didn't know if they can be transferred direct to BIAB.
BTW, i just brewed elcapitanbrewing's Belgian Golden Strong Ale. Been in the primary for 4 days.
Plan to rack to keg. I'll let ya all know how it turns out.
People on average, from what I hear, get about 70% efficiency so I would just go with that as a guess for now.
I only brew BIAB but i do not do full volume with the water i mash in about 5.5 gal of water and i do a mash out in a another pot 2 to 2.5 gal it brings up my eff. 70 to 80% iam pretty happy with that. i dont change my grain amounts hope that helps