Agave Nectar


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Jul 16, 2012
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A few weeks ago I had a couple of Agave Wheats from Breckenridge Brewery. So yesterday I was shopping with the wife and came upon 1.5 pounds of Agave Nectar (syrup) for cheap. So two questions: First, anyone had any experience brewing with agave nectar and second, what would the forum think about an agave blonde? Simple beer, mostly pale ale malt (8.5 pounds) with some Vienna (1.5 pounds), 90-minute boil, single-hopped with Crystal, 1.5 pounds agave nectar added to the boil.

Might try your hand at a gluten free. Also it appears that Bluemoon has a Agave Ale, if you are looking to get inspired.
So I tired Bluemoon's Agave Ale and I would not use it as inspiration. It is a bad attempt at a Mexican style brew to say the least. After doing some research on Agave it appears that it is normally 90% fructose, which while that makes it one of the sweetest things out there, I am not sure it would do anything for a brew other than bump up the alcohol content and thin it out. Now if you could get your hands on some unrefined Agave, such as what they use to make tequila you might have something. However that could be rather hard to come by unless you happen to live in tequila country, in which case you would probably just be drinking tequila :D.
Sounds like the best approach is to use dark syrup. Tha nks, guys!