Advice needed on a fruit beer recipe

Discussion in 'General Brewing Discussions' started by Bennyboyca, Apr 25, 2020.

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    Hi guys! I want to make something a little fruity for this nice sunshine and was thinking raspberry and lime. I was thinking of making a pilsner base for it (correct me if I’m wrong).

    Am I right in thinking to purée the fruit, freeze it, defrost it 12 hours before using and add to the fermentation bucket?

    Can anyone give me an idea of volumes of both raspberry and lime? I use a Grainfather so it would be a 23 litre batch..

    Big thank you!!
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    So last time i did this with beer, I made a raspberry blond. Your standard blonde ale, and then take a bag of frozen raspberries and dump em in the fermenter. EZPZ and it worked a treat. I should make another one really.

    I am pretty sure I did a kegs worth so 21L batch, with a standard bag of frozen berries. So I think 700g or so.

    You can absolutely do a pils but I would say do a blonde ale, they're easier and require less attention. Plus the raspberries are gonna colour it a bit anyway. They;ll look grey and disgusting when you're done with them btw. I didn't puree them, don't want to deal with the seeds.

    Edit: It was 42L so 2 kegs, but here you go. I really liked it. Modify it to suit what you have on hand. The Cara is probably unnecessary.
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    Only done 3-4 fruit batches and never used puree, but the few times I've heard people talk about fruit on podcasts and the like the advice is avoid puree. You increase the losses and depending on your setup you can struggle to get it out of the fermenter or keg.

    We pretty much use Hawkbox's approach. Freeze the fruit, bag it and drop it in the fermenter until any refermentation is finished then check the flavour to work out if it needs a bit more time. And go light on the raspberry. It's surprisingly potent. No experience with lime, but I suspect it would be fairly potent as well.

    You could even try buying some commercial pilsner and doing a glass sized batch to work out amounts.

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