Adjusting BrewersFriend for losses after primary

Discussion in 'Brew Sessions' started by Two Sticks Maltery, Nov 22, 2017.

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    *NEVER MIND* - figured it out, just adjust the batch size to account for losses after primary (i.e. for my equipment profile, I need to change it to 5.65 gallons to end up bottling 5 gallons, based on estimated racking and spillage losses).


    Is there a way to adjust brewersfriend for losses after primary fermentation (i.e. trub losses when racking, spillage during bottling, etc).

    I built a spreadsheet that works backwards from bottling to determine the volume required in primary, and all the way back to strike water, but BF doesn't (as far as I can tell) account for any losses after ptimary. SO I end up with different numbers in BF and my spreadhseet. I'd like to get them to align.


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