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Sep 21, 2015
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Alright, here we go. I heard this style of beer for the first time the other day, it's called adambier. So if i had to put it into terms i think i understand, it's an imperial sour wood-aged hoppy black smoked kolsch. uh. ok. definitely going to make this sometime..

My plan: brew in my normal size i usually do, then add in some mildly boiled LME with it to bump gravity.

4.00# of Munich Light
0.25# Special B
0.25# Smoked Malt
0.50# Flaked Wheat
2oz Carafa 3

All those grains mashed in 10quarts for 90 min, sparge them grains to get my 3 gallon boil size. 60 min boil down to 2.25 gal. Also boil 2.50# LME separately. Cool those down, and add them both to the fermenter.

i'm assuming i will need to double pitch a Kolsch strain for such a big bastard of a beer. yes?
Also, how many quarts/gallons does 2.5 pounds of LME take up? I'll being adding whatever that number is to 2.25 gallons of beer. and then probably need to buy a bigger fermenter to account for headspace.
BYO had an article about that style a short while back. I transposed the recipe. Don't remember anything about oaking it, though. I'd use a very big starter and lots of oxygen, if you can oxygenate rather than aerate. I buy three-pound containers of LME and they are about a half-gallon. Here's my all-grain recipe:

I've been wanting to do something different. Thanks for the kick in the right direction!
three-pound containers of LME are about a half-gallon.

i probably need a bigger carboy then. I have a 3 gallon glass, but adding a little under half a gallon to 2.25 would get close to 2.75gal. i'll need to run some tests to see where the 3 gallon fill line actually is.
Sounds like that brew could fit it into a lot of catagories there Olivia. A smoked Oaked Kolsch! Wow :) I wonder if it will finish clean and crisp like a Kolsch. I'd build a large starter for it like 3 liters spin that till fermented chill decant before brew day then 15mins into brew day boil rack off 1lt of wart into flask chill and pitch yeast into this whilst brew day is carried on then,pitch this activated starter into chilled brew;). My two bobs worth
I wouldn't imagine it would be crisp, at that starting gravity with that much stuff going on in it. I'm imagining a winter sipper rather than something to quaff liters of (that would be my Oktoberfest).