Acid addition calculations

Discussion in 'Recipe Editor' started by Parapunter, May 31, 2015.

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    I'm pretty sure that I used to be able to take a mash pH reading, enter it in the water calculator along with a target pH and have it calculate amount of lactic acid to add. Now I can't find anywhere to record the measured pH. Am I missing something or has this functionality been removed?

    The current work around is to take the grist pH buffer estimate from the water calcs, go to the recipe and get the total grist weight, multiply the two together, multiply by the required pH difference and then divide by 11.8 to give the millilitres of 88% lactic acid required. This works, but it's a bit of a palaver.

    The current work flow of the water calculator seems to be that everything is calculated in advance - given the recipe and your water the system will know what the pH is. I don't believe any brewer works like this. Brewers take readings and calculate corrections.

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