ABV calculator post pakaging


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Jun 22, 2013
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Hey I;ve been using the Brewers friend tool for about 2 years for all grain and it's great!
There is something that has perplexed me though;
What is the most reliable way to calculate ABV after bottling/priming? I usually estimate approx. +0.3% for 2 volumes CO2.
It would be great to incorporate a reliable tool that gives final (bottled) ABV as a function of the bottling/priming calculator. Obviously this would vary dependent on the priming rate/sugar(attenuation) and possibly the current FG/ABV before bottling.
That is an interesting point. I have always measured FG before adding priming sugar and not worried about the priming sugar's impact. Roughly speaking it should be 0.2-0.3% if 100% attenuated.

We could add a checkbox to the brew log entry screen for the packaging step that would allow the priming sugar ABV boost to be incorporated in the resulting ABV statistic. At first, we'd probably keep it simple and allow the brewer to decide, and link to an FAQ that discusses the various factors involved.
I noticed I'm having problems on the site as well adding the priming sugar to the final ABV in my bottled beer. Are there any plans to add this feature to the brew log, or is there another way of doing this?