A Louder Alert on the Brew Timer


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Feb 13, 2013
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I might be missing this, but I've tried to find a setting to be able to adjust the volume and/or type of alert sound goes off on the brew timer. With my laptop turned up on high volume, the alerts are still very loud for me. I'd rather have something with some teeth in it to get me working better.

If this doesn't already exist, can I request it as a feature?
Of course you can request this as a feature!

I think we will have to setup several different sounds and a user profile setting to control it. Sounds like you are after the 'wake me out of a coma' sound effect. :D
maybe this is a bug report rather then a question but, why do I not hear any alerts when running the brew timers on my iPad (using safari)? Volumes are up iOS alerts work.
It is a known issue that the alert sound doesn't play on iPad. It has to do with mobile safari not supporting the HTML5 audio tag with autoplay. This appears to have been on purpose by Apple.
I can see the timers during brew sessions on my desktop computer, but I use an Android Samsung tablet down in the brewery. On the tablet, there's no sign of the timer. I get the brew log fine and can check off items. But I'd love to have a timer on the tablet. Is there a setting I need to change? Or is there some glitch with timers on Android tablets?

Many thanks for your help
Sligo Creek Brewers said:
Any news on making the timer work on an Android tablet?
I use a Samsung tablet as well. I sure would like a timer.
It's on the list of upgrades I do believe, but I would need to confirm with Josh.
Austin said:
It's on the list of upgrades I do believe, but I would need to confirm with Josh.

So, after nearly 18 months, has there been any progress in this matter. The timer alert on my iPad doesn't work. Luckily, yesterday when I was doing a boil, I used external timers.
not sure of the details, but they've had a few internal / personnel issues recently (last year or so maybe?). That would explain at least part of the delay.
Plus, at least to me, this seems like something that isn't critical to keep the software / website running, so it's probably on the Want list, not the Need list.
Again, I can't really say for certain, but things seem to be getting back on track for them. I've noticed a bit more activity from the admins on these message boards lately too
So once again, I ask. Is there any progress in getting the alarms on the timers to work?