1. Voltmonger

    Heating wort with an immersion heater and hot plate.

    Hi first time posting here so here goes. I'm wondering if anyone has used an electric immersion heater along with a 1500w electric hot plate for a 2-1/2 to 3 gallon wort boil. A 1500 watt hot plate is to small to keep up a good boil and takes forever to boil a large pot I think adding an...
  2. LarryDTX

    WTH hit my wort?

    I am not sure, since I have not seen this before, but it looks like I have some sort of mold in my wort on an all extract beer I am making. I did the same as always, which was to oxygenate my wort before pitching for 10 minutes using a sanitized air stone and hose. Everything was sanitized...
  3. Christopher Brown

    BIAB Issues

    So I brewed my first all grain BIAB today. Everything beautifully, until i went to cool my wort. I bought a stainless steel immersion chiller and it took 45 minutes to go from boiling to 70. I had to stir with the chiller which cause my wort to become super muddy, clogging up my bazooka filter...
  4. Christopher Brown

    "How to Brew" Yeast Starter Recipe is WRONG!

    I'm halfway through reading John Palmer's book "How to Brew". Decided to make my first yeast starter last night follow the starter wort recipe listed in his book, which is 1/2 cup DME to 2 cups of H20. I ended up getting a 1.090 gravity wort. I had to water it down and reboil, had a boil over...