1. Frugalbrewing

    Whirlpool experiment (beer 30 idea)

    Got an idea after seeing all the whirlpool posts and making the most out of your hops. I don't have oxygen free transfer for dry hopping so I'm going whirlpool to see what it can do. I'm curious. Current system is an BIAB in an 20QT stock pot, 5 gallon plastic fermenter. I lost the thread...
  2. J

    Whirlpool & Dry Hop amounts...?

    Hi Everyone, So i have been getting help on here and on other forums to get advice on my first real brewing recipe. Everything looks good, as far as I see, but some people are saying I need more hops in the WP and DH for this 2 gallon batch. Can anyone give me an estimate usage rate per...
  3. Si-Co Brewing

    Add extra boil hop utilization when whirlpool hops are also added

    Would it be possible to calculate the extra bitterness derived from late addition boil hops when you also add whirlpool hops and leave everything in the wort during the whirlpool? For example, I recently created a recipe that had a small 60 minute addition and then two large hop additions split...