water chemistry

  1. MrStacy

    Automatic water profile builder for distilled water

    It appears to me that it would be relatively easy to have a water calculator that would automatically tell you what chemical additions to make to your mash water if you are starting with distilled water. However, I cannot locate anything on the internet that offers that. When I try to use the...
  2. B

    How to program a partial mash and boil for BIAB

    Can I just clarify, the water requirements and Brew calcs don't take manual pre- and post-boil values into account if batch size is set to Fermenter? I have a system going where I can utilise the massive headroom in BIAB mash thickness to use a kettle smaller than would be required for a full...
  3. K

    Hefe Water Profile

    Hello! I have been studying up on changing your water profile and i'm going to do some alterations on my next brew for a Hefeweizen. I want to make a 5 gal batch (6.8 total water) and this is my profile: https://i.imgur.com/zFSi0Ew.png My question is, what do I put in for the water profile...
  4. JB Brew Dad

    Water Chemistry

    What is everyone doing to test their water. I had a vendor who charged like $40.00, they sent me two empties and then I sent back samples water to them and they gave me a detailed readout. They've since stopped doing that type of testing analysis. I don't want a water test every time I brew up...
  5. C

    Water Volume and treatments

    Hey guys, A couple questions as I'm getting ready for brew day. I'm using the northern brewer megapot 8 gallon kettle for this recipe that I copied and I'm using BIAB method. 1. I'm having trouble figuring out my mash water volume from the brew steps. 2. I'm using distilled water and I'm...
  6. B

    quick chemistry calc question

    hey there! when specifying the grist properties on the mash chemistry calculator (https://www.brewersfriend.com/mash-chemistry-and-brewing-water-calculator), should I add my LME as a base malt? more specifically, I'm planning to add 3 pounds of an 8 lovibond malt extract to my brew after the...
  7. J

    Water treatment in practice

    Hi All, I have been brewing casually for a year now, and I think it is now time for me to look into treating my water. Firstly, why do I want to treat my water ? I noticed that some tannins gets into the beer giving it a slight harshness. I noticed that in my IPAs but also in my darker beers...