1. K

    Gel like oily substance in fermenter spigot tap

    Good evening, while cleaning my plastic bucket fermenter after bottling i noticed a greenish, transparent blob of an unknown,oily to the touch substance inside the spigot tap. Did not think much of it, cleaned it off. Now i wonder if any one with more brewing experience than me knows what that...
  2. M

    Tilt Pi Trouble

    Need a little help from someone smarter than I am on this, but having trouble with Tilt Pi. This seems to be a Raspberry Pi issue not a Brewers Friend problem but there seems to be a pretty good community here using Tilt so thought I’d post. Basically, I have my rPi (Version 2) running the...
  3. E

    MASH Temp increases during BIAB Mash?

    As a BIAB brewer (10+ batches), I'm mashing full volumes in my 10 gallon kettle. I heat my water/wort on a propane burner (Edelmetall) I've noticed that my mash temp actually increases during the 60 min mash from time to time. Today I heated 8.5 gallons of strike water to 157F (per Beersmith)...