1. dmtaylor

    BJCP Releases 2021 Beer Style Guidelines

    I imagine someone at some point will want to see the tweaked specs for styles uploaded to Brewers Friend. Just released this morning on I myself am only just beginning to review the changes. Best way I can see what's what is to download both 2015 and 2021 in Word, then run a Compare...
  2. Paddy Gardiner

    Beery Interesting Podcast

    Hi all! Long time micro-batch 1 Gal home brewer, BJCP beer judge, bar manager and Advanced Cicerone here. Studying for the Master Cicerone exam in November. I've started a new podcast talking about beer styles in a super chilled (almost ASMR?) style. Would appreciate it if you have a listen...
  3. FedoraDave

    Question on an experimental recipe

    I've decided to concentrate more this year on lagers. I usually only brew a couple of them a year, but I want to expand the recipe file a little bit. I've got an IPL working right now, but a friend of mine asked about making an IPP - which translates to an India Pale Pilsner. So the grain bill...