1. BrewerMichel

    Medicinal taste/frustrating

    Hello, Problem: medicinal/bandage flavour in my last 2 brews (out of 4 in total...). The taste is already there during primary. My effort so far: After the first time I had this problem, I used demineralized water for mash and sparge because a lot of people suggested chlorine. And indeed...
  2. O

    Star San

    I'm sorry if this is an obvious question, but I'm trying to wrap my head around this. All the resources I've read say that Star San is a completely safe, no rinse sanitizer. I'm trying to convince myself that this noxious, caustic, toxic chemical (that requires poison control center...
  3. Brewer #117310

    Cleaning for Diastaticus Infection

    Howdy: My last 7 batches have all been either finishing 50% lower than what was scheduled and/or all the bottles have been gushing. I realized that this has all been since I used a French Saison yeast. I consider myself a pretty sanitary brewer, but does anyone have and recommendations on how...
  4. KenK

    flavor went downhill fast

    Brewed a batch of cream ale from concentrate in January. It tasted great for the first month or so but the flavor went downhill after five or six weeks. Not disgusting, but not nearly as good. This was my very first attempt ever, so maybe something bad crept into the process. I thought I was...
  5. pondersam

    Brewing in the Berkshires

    Just started brewing using the BIAB system in a 10 gallon Bayou Classic. My next batch is going to be a coffee porter, but the recipe says to add a very small amount of cold press coffee to the secondary fermentor; My question is: How do I prevent contamination of beer in secondary...