pale ale

  1. Brewer #405293

    Allsopps India Pale Ale: Crafting Excellence in Every Brew

    Step into the world of Allsopps, where every morning begins with a dedication to the art of brewing. At Allsopps, we take pride in creating Allsopps India Pale Ale, a beer that resonates with the true spirit of beer enthusiasts worldwide. Our journey starts with a commitment to quality and...
  2. CoFlyGuy

    Brew #1 Tiny Pale in the Fermenter

    My first batch is in the fermenter. Now for the wait for final product. I am pretty stoked but feel like I learned a ton this morning. I know I screwed up on a few things but I will learn. I am so stoked to be doing this. Thank you all! Also, at least my post boil reading came in at 1.026 so...
  3. RayZa Home Brews

    Newbie from South Africa

    Hi All, my name is Ray Erens and hail from Johannesburg, South Africa. I have recently became a member and immersed myself in learning about Beer Home Brewing. The COVID lockdown has also afforded me to read intensely about this subject, to the point where I have already made some substantial...
  4. Frank the budding brewer

    Munich 1 weyerman %50 grits

    Hello! I'm about to brew a sweet ass pale ale using a 50% Munich 1 and 2 row. Using no crystal malts at all as I think the munich would give enough caramel, bready, honey flavour. Has anyone else tried this and had results? Just askin' about. Thanks, Frank
  5. BilltownBrewingCo


    Hey all, brewed this last weekend. I actually mashed at 150° instead of the 153° listed. It's currently fermenting at 68°. Had an exceptionally flocculant and intense fermentation to start. Thinking about entering this in a competition when finished... Figured it would go in the APA category...
  6. R

    Not what I wanted

    This was one of my first attempts at a semi citrus/floral pale ale that came out less than desirable. My LHBS helped me with the steeping and hops schedule but the final product is more of a hops slap in the face and isn't balanced...