original gravity

  1. Euphrates

    Original Gravity Way Lower Than Anticipated

    Hello guys, I brewed mead before but this was my first attempt at brewing beer. After making a lot of research I made my own recipe based on a few others, and here is the recipe; https://www.brewersfriend.com/homebrew/recipe/view/918381/buddha-bomber The thing is, when I measured the original...
  2. Wolf King Brewing

    OG Way lower than expected - how?

    Recently drafted a "Hazy DIPA" recipe in the recipe builder, with the following Fermentables: Method: Extract, full-volume for boil 60 minutes. Started with a volume around 8 gal., finished with probably 5.7 gal. 1LB Flaked Oats(pre-gelatinized, steeped 30) 1LB Flaked Wheat(pre-gelatinized...
  3. Hoptonium

    Way low OG

    Hi Folks, first time poster, sorry if this is in the wrong place. I copied a Maibock recipe from HighVoltageMan! and totally missed on the OG. My measured OG was 1.042, which will result in a pathetic ABV of 3.81% if the rest of the brew goes to plan. I am also worried that I'm going to be...
  4. Goose & Bella Brewing

    Brew Kit - Original SG Way High

    Hoping to get a little insight on a problem I had with a recent batch I brewed from a Brewer's Best Kit. I was making their oatmeal stout. Have had success with an IPA and Pilsner. I will be making an extract recipe from this forum next weekend but wanted to brew another batch while I'm...
  5. Brewer #61930

    Post Boil Gravity differ from OG

    Can someone plz help me with this question?? I changed my equipment profile to my new equipment and now mu Post Boil Gravity is different that my Original Gravity. Any help will be much appreciated!!!!
  6. F

    Tilt, ABV & BrewersFriend

    Hello. Question regarding the ABV value as displayed by Tilt in my Brew Session pages: Is Tilt's current ABV value calculated from the recipe's predicted OG, or from Tilt's original gravity reading? Thanks
  7. B

    Low OG

    Hi guys, Need your help again. I am brewing an American Pale Ale recipe All Grain. Usually I do 11L due to the size of the boiling tank being small. After some discussions around here I am topping water on top to get 18L (fermenter has 20L). Of course I add extra grains, hop, etc. I add 15L...