1. Walken100

    OG for wort with honey added to the fermenter

    Ok, I originally a the recipe with honey as a late addition. The OG calculated was 1.061. But we decided to add the honey post boil at a temp of ~70degs F. When you rerun the recipe with the honey added to the fermenter the OG calculates at 1.055 (honey not considered). My measured OG (using...
  2. Please Delete!

    Honey Ale too Dry

    So i made a Honey Ale last week. It got down below expected FG pretty quick. currently sitting at 1.009 for last 2 days but still lots of bubbles. and its only day 9. Tasted last 2 gravity samples and it is really dry. Can i fix this prior to bottling?
  3. Medarius

    Honey Wheat v. Honey

    Greetings all, I brewed a Honey Weiss 60% Wheat 40% 2 row with a pound of honey added at end of boil. Turned out so good my wife, (who doesn't like beer supposedly :) ) drank half of it. Now getting ready to make another batch for her and was wondering if using a pound or two of honey wheat...