1. BierMeJohn

    Tilt readings

    When I looked into getting a Tilt, I read a lot of people saying they aren't that accurate. But since getting one, people I know have told me theirs is spot on. Well, I'm on my second brew with the Tilt and the initial readings were right on, but then both times the second (and all subsequent...
  2. bowlermj

    Recipe Not Saving

    I've been working on a recipe all evening and every time I make changes and save, it confirm the action but doesn't actually take hold. Upon reloading the recipe, all of my changes are gone. Even if I change the name, it may seem to work for a little while, but inevitably will revert back...
  3. C

    Login Issue with Incorrect Domain Name

    Hello, I am having problems logging into my other brewers friend account. I believe the problem is that the email originally used to make the account was incorrect and there is no way for me to access the incorrect email address. Is there a way I can get that resolved? Thanks, Christian