cold crash

  1. CraigBarber

    Priming carboy, cold crashing, then bottling?

    Hello! Im doing my first big batch 20L. Im at the stage to bottle, so i did my priming sugar in my carboy as i do not have anywhere to transfer the beer to to prime before bottling. I primed the carboy directly stirred as gently as i could, but it kicked up lots of sediment fromt the bottom, i...
  2. J

    Bottle refermentation issue

    Hello, I had issues with my last beer. Beers were flat (no CO2) 4 weeks after bottling. Here is what I did: -Yeast starter with WLP001 -Brew a beer ant let it ferment during 10 days -5 days cold crash (5°C) -Bottled directly from the fermenter (no bottling bucket), using carbonation drops (1.5...
  3. Sunfire96

    Dry hop & cold crash questions

    Hello again everyone! I'm going to be racking a one gallon batch of pale ale to secondary this weekend, and had a few questions (I realize racking to secondary is unnecessary, but I would like to try it for the experience/knowledge): 1) I'll be dry hopping with pellets in a bag...can I put the...