1. T

    Problem with a recipe.

    Hello, i found this recipe, but i don't understand why post boil size and batch size are different. Where is 1.5 gal (7gal - 5.5gal) lost ? Thanks.
  2. B

    Hardcore IPA clone (1 Gallon)

    Hi guys, I'm planning a Hardcore IPA clone using a scaled recipe from Brewdog's DIY DOG. Firstly, i'd like to proof my recipe before plowing head, so if anyone with some good knowledge on small batch DIPA's could tell me if this is gonna work or not - very much appreciated! Im trying to work out...
  3. bowlermj

    Cloned Recipe Brew Session Issue

    Hi, I recently cloned a recipe then initiated a brew session from the newly-cloned recipe. However, the brew session associated with the clone is appearing under the original recipe. It seems to me there is some sort of link between the cloned recipe brew sessions and the original recipe...