1. J

    Bottle refermentation issue

    Hello, I had issues with my last beer. Beers were flat (no CO2) 4 weeks after bottling. Here is what I did: -Yeast starter with WLP001 -Brew a beer ant let it ferment during 10 days -5 days cold crash (5°C) -Bottled directly from the fermenter (no bottling bucket), using carbonation drops (1.5...
  2. S

    Lagered a little too long!

    Hello everyone, I am looking for a little advice, I have brewed a lager, which I started the lagering process, taking the temp down to 2.5 C. I intended to bottle it after a few weeks but work commitments got in the way and it has now been stored at that temp for about 3 months. I am guessing...
  3. Hoptonium

    Keg to bottle

    Thinking about bottling some Belgian Golden Ale I currently have in the keg fully carbed to compare with future brewings of the same recipe. I've done it before to just take to a party and it gets consumed within a few hours, but if I intend to keep it in the bottle for longer (few weeks to...
  4. Evil_Mouse_Brewery

    Bottling from Primary Fermenter

    Hi all, I’m trying to figure out the best way to bottle my beer while also reducing the amount of exposure to Oxygen. I’ve tried using a bottling bucket with the priming solution in but in my mind this seems to expose the beer to Oxygen as the new bucket is not purged with CO2. Also there are...
  5. Reddog4613

    Priming with Pineapple juice.

    Howdy! I have hazy NEIPA that I'm ready to bottle. Instead of priming sugar, I want to use pineapple juice. I've been researching it and getting a lot of info. So has anyone tried what I trying to do? I have organic pure pasteurized pineapple juice (serving size 8 fl. oz., 26 g sugar). Using...
  6. R

    How can I fix this...? (Bottling Question)

    So, the day before Thanksgiving I bottled a batch of an American Pale Ale and then left to go back home for vacation. This morning, I come home to bottles that evidently had "exploded." However, the caps are still on and the bottles are either 50% percent full or 75% full.. Is there any chance...
  7. Hatseflats

    Bottling day.

    Today I bottled 23 liters I.P.A. Now the terrible part of the job: cleaning.... :(:(:confused::confused:
  8. Anth M

    Mini BIAB - racking

    Hey brewers, The first mini biab I did I bottled straight from the FV and used carb drops - nice beer, pretty happy with it. For the 2nd one, I took the advise from my LHBS and added dextrose to a second FV, did the whirlpool thing and bottled from that. It was a bit annoying in terms of loss...
  9. O

    Priming Calculator: Add calculation for amount of water to use to maintain ABV

    Would be great to have the priming calculator work out the amount of water to mix with the sugar in order to maintain the same ABV (or increase it if brewer chooses). This: explains the issue and provides the equations needed...
  10. apt.itude

    Bottling Day Steps

    I would like a bottling day step-through, similar to the brew day step-through. I'm still sort of a beginner and occasionally forget something, like putting the priming liquid in the bottling bucket before racking. I've created my own checklist, but it would be nice if it was integrated into the...
  11. P

    Time between adding priming sugar and bottling.

    Greetings! Working on my second batch after dusting off my equipment from a 20+ year hiatus (recently retired, woo hoo). I am wondering if I can delay bottling after mixing in the priming sugar, to allow some settling time before bottling? My first batch is still a little cloudy in most of the...
  12. L

    Secondary fermentation and bottling

    Greetings! I'm pretty new to brewing and I need your help. I also apologise, if I'm asking question, that has already been asked. So my problem is that when I transferred my worth form primary fermentor to the secondary, I carefully siphoned it, so I didn't transfer yeast bed at all (or very...
  13. BlaineHomebrew

    Can I Bottle?

    I am trying to get a Holiday Ale (Brewers Best Extract Kit) ready for Christmas. I brewed on 11/19 and have had these recent SG readings: 11/29/2017 -- 1.014 12/1/2017 -- 1.012 12/3/2017 -- 1.011 I'd like to bottle ASAP so that I have three weeks for bottle conditioning. Is it safe to add...
  14. T

    Bottling after cold crashing

    I know there is some differences in opinion, but I woud like to get some more thoughts to this senario: 1. Fermented beer at 68 degrees. 2. Crashed beer for 1 week, down to 40 degrees. 3. When calculating priming sugar to you use the 40 degrees in your sugar calculation? Or 68 degrees? Or ...