biab mash

  1. Box of Rocks

    SMaSH Mosaic - first attempt

    Attempting a SMaSH Mosaic BIAB, and want to double check the inputs. Targeting a small batch, with about 2.8 gallons into the fermenter. According to the recipe builder, I should be at a 6.8% ABV assuming 50% efficiency using 9.1 lbs of Weyermann Pilsner. This amount seems really high, since...
  2. BilltownBrewingCo

    Sparge in a bag?

    Hey all, My ol Man has had this igloo party tank around for whenever he had a keg out at the farm... Not sure why I never thought to use it as amash tun until now... Silly me. Anyway, I recently got a brew bag custom made to fit it, because we've been brewing in a bag. And I just recently...
  3. Anth M

    Mini BIAB Pilsner guidance

    Hey brewers, I'm doing my first mini-BIAB Pilsner on Saturday and wanted to run my plan by some experts. Recipe is from a book. INGREDIENTS (scaled to get 12L in the FV) 3.3 kg Bohemian Pilsner 40 g Saaz MASH 1 Hr @ 65C BOIL 75 mins HOPS 30 g start of boil, 10 g at turn off YEAST Wyeast...
  4. Anth M

    Mini BIAB - racking

    Hey brewers, The first mini biab I did I bottled straight from the FV and used carb drops - nice beer, pretty happy with it. For the 2nd one, I took the advise from my LHBS and added dextrose to a second FV, did the whirlpool thing and bottled from that. It was a bit annoying in terms of loss...
  5. Anth M

    Mini BIAB - mash / sparge water volumes

    Howdy, I'm an all grain mini-BIAB noob (done 2 brews) and have some questions about water quantities. Generally I mash in a 32L pot on the stove and do a dunk sparge (sometimes I rinse over the wort, what's better?) and I want to know if it matters how I split the mash and sparge water up? For...
  6. Michael_biab

    Experience with Mash Stabilizer 5.2? Or reducing pH with lactic acid?

    I'm an experienced brewer who now has done about a dozen or so all-grain Brew In A Bag (BIAB) batches with decent results using a known local municipal water source (Columbus, Ohio). To improve things further, I've recently started tracking my target mash pH using Brewer's Friend. I see that I...