1. Mont Y. Märzen

    Water Calc Work Around for Hop Water?

    I'm looking to get into making Hop Water and have found recommendations to target 3.2–3.6 pH before the hop addition(s). I tried playing with the Advanced Water Calc, but it seems the formulas require a malt bill. I managed to test Beer Color for Grist Info, choosing 0.1 oz and 0 SRM, but that...
  2. V

    Water Calc Bug

    Hello brewers! Hope I'm doing this right as I didn't find any bug report form. I noticed that the g/l unit of measure doesn't work in the Acid Addition tab of the Water Calc, spercifically while using 100% Citric Acid, although I suspect that might also not work with other acids or other...
  3. MrSawdust

    Water acidification calc

    Both my mash & sparge water are from a single tank which I treat with AMS. I can't seem to find a way to enter this correctly so the ph matches my measurements. The tank is 700l. I add around 650ml of AMS. Mash is usually around 300l with sparge between 300l to 400l.
  4. B

    Sparge Water Acidification - Enter value

    Hello, I love your Advanced Water Calculator but I'd like to be able to enter an acid amount myself for the sparge water. I have this need because we acidify all of our water in the same time in our HLT, so I can't have 2 different acid concentration. It would be good so I could keep track and...