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  1. CRUNK
    Anyone use line app? If your in a Brewing chat in would love to join swampthing45 is my line id
  2. Wood House Hall
    Wood House Hall
    Brewing Katz in the Kradle IPA
  3. CRUNK
  4. Fitzy75
    Hi all I am a newbie, my brew is two weeks old and it's in plastic bottles, I have recently bought a keg can I transfer the the keg
    1. jmcnamara
      welcome! i'd suggest waiting until your next batch to use the keg. seems like a hassle to me to open up all those bottles and sanitation could be an issue. Good luck!
      Jan 12, 2017
  5. Starter Hops
    Starter Hops
    Looks like my next brew day (tomorrow, a Helles) will be during a snowstorm.
  6. Jon D'Alessandro
  7. Starter Hops
    Starter Hops
    I just tried the new Bouncer in-line filter this morning. I recommend this product.
  8. headshaker
    headshaker J A
    Howdy I'm from houston.
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    2. J A
      J A
      Give me a heads up...we'll see if we can share a brew.
      Dec 16, 2016
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    3. headshaker
      I can make time. What part of town do you stay in.
      Dec 22, 2016
    4. J A
      J A
      I'm in the Oak Hill area.
      Dec 25, 2016
  9. Trialben
    so little time and only one fermentor!
  10. Wood House Hall
    Wood House Hall
    Working until the weekend...
  11. STDelorme
    Love Sweet Cider
  12. Wood House Hall
    Wood House Hall
    Brewing American Pale Ale
  13. Thurston Brewer
    Thurston Brewer Yooper
    I would like to know if the BF Windows app is in active development (I know it's still a beta release). I like it a lot so far and would like to use it regularly - I have a few suggestions for minor adjustments that I would like to add into the mix.
    Is there a particular member I should contact about this?
    1. Yooper
      We just brought on a new developer, and we're hoping to fix the bugs we have in all the apps. Then we'll look towards some adjustments and tweaks to make it more user friendly.
      Nov 24, 2016
  14. Trialben
    Trialben Kevin Schneider
    You seeing some weird Chinese language stuff
  15. Trialben
    Trialben Yooper
    I think your site is being hacked
  16. Trialben
    Trialben TxBrew
    I think you're site is being hacked
    1. TxBrew
      Why do you say that?
      Nov 27, 2016
    2. Trialben
      No worries now just a couple of weeks ago was some crazy stuff going on with some foreign bombardment on thread board
      Nov 27, 2016
  17. Trialben
    Trialben Josh (Brewer's Friend)
    I think your site is being hacked or something
  18. Trialben
    Life is great but even better with good beer on tap!
  19. DanaPellerin
    White House Porter in primary. Starting a good ol' IPA on Sunday. Belgian Grand Cru on deck for the following Sunday. Gill the pipeline!
  20. LoveToBrew
    Brewing up...