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    Join Date: 09/30/12
    Location: Plumstead Township, PA
    My Brewing:

    Simple beers brewed consistently with a solid process. The least amount of work to make great beer is my philosophy. I tend to brew sessionable ales and lagers in the 3%-5% range, however I do like laying down some strong brews for aging. I am most concerned with process and making sure my beer is consistently tasty and free of faults.

    I do brew in a bag with a 15 gallon pot. I use a pump and plate chiller. I do temperature controlled fermentations in a chest freezer and serve out of a two-tap kegerator.

    I've been brewing since I was 17 as a source of cheap booze, however I have been brewing seriously since 2012. I have been a BJCP judge since 2017.

    My Beers:

    My favorite beers to brew are not by style but how they finish: crisp, well-attenuated beers with tongue-coating resinous hop profile and sulfate-forward water. I like my beers to be digestible - even the strong beers I brew are fairly low in finish gravity. I do not like my beers to be heavy on the stomach. I also tend to serve my beer warmer (around 50°F) and with lower CO2 (around 2.0 volumes) than most people.

    My first non-macro beer was a Bavarian weissbier: that style holds a special place in my heart. I am starting to explore more German styles in general: Koelsch, Altbier, and Bavarian lagers are on the top of my to-brew list. I also adore traditional British beer, especially cask-conditioned bitter and old ale. I admire the drinkability of Belgian beer despite it being a touch too strong for everyday drinking for me. I like American West Coast style hoppy beers, especially a good red IPA.

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