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    Caroline Catherine


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    Sarah and I had discussed joining a Swingers Club but both of us were a little surprised at the requirements when we checked into it. Several wanted a clean bill of health from a doctor and others wanted upfront dues. I balked at the dues but both of us took a doctors exam. Eventually I paid the dues. Valentine's Day was approaching and I wanted to surprise Sarah with the membership. I bought her a sweater type red dress, one size too small (not a mini-skirt but very revealing) with matching high heels. I just told her we had a date for Friday night and I decided not to tell her where we were going until hours before we left. When I told her she thought I was lying but she agreed to wear the dress (she loved it) but I insisted she did not wear a bra or panties (it was no panties Friday). Once she got dressed I wanted to fuck that big ass before we left the house.

    We were given colored wrist bands that corresponded to what I signed us up for. My band was white meaning I wanted to watch my partner with others and Sarah's was red meaning she wanted straight fucking with multi-guys but not all at one time. We also had an assigned room.

    We left home around 8:30 PM and go there a little after 9:00 PM. The place was not a club, just a huge house with an open downstairs floor plan.

    As soon as we entered the house Sarah attracted the attention of several men. We sat at the bar and as soon as I moved away from her a guy approached her. They started to chit chat and Don moved closer to her on the bar stool. He put his hand on her thigh and positioned one of his legs between her legs so she couldn't completely close her legs. He moved his hand up her thigh and I guess he hit pay dirt (since she had no panties on) because I saw her close her eyes and take a deep sigh. Ever so slightly I saw her moving back and forth against his finger. He was later joined by two friends of his but they just hung back but one gave her ass a good feel. Don must have fingered her for a good 10 minutes or so and finally told her "let's go upstairs to your room". He told me I could go too if I wanted to watch. The other two guys stayed behind, at least for the moment.

    The room was fairly large and I sat at a table not far from the bed. Upon entering the room Sarah pulled her dress over her head and tossed toward me. She was naked and went right to the bed and laid down on her back. He followed immediately and positioned himself between her legs. He entered her in one motion and she threw her head back and thrust back against him. He laid flat against her but then raised himself slightly. He started pumping her with short strokes. She tried to raise and spread her legs but he pushed them back down and continued pumping her. Every time she tried to raise her legs he pushed them back down. His steady motion was having an effect. I heard her say, your dick feels so good, your dick feels so good. She just kept repeating that. Since he was slightly raised above her I could see his dick moving in and out of her. Like a machine. Half his shaft was wet from her cum. He adjusted his position and all of it pushed its way in her. She said, that's it, give me all that dick, give me all that dick. HE DID. He just keep pumping and pumping her. It went on for at least 45 minutes before I heard him say, I'm going to cum in you, I'm going to cum in you and she responded with yes, cum in me, please cum in me. He came and pulled out of her. I could see a string of cum still attached to both of them as he got up. He left and she got a towel and wiped herself.

    Harold, second guy who had been with her downstairs came in, naked. He had a bigger dick. He wasted no time raising her legs, resting one leg over each arm. She raised her head to look at his dick right before it disappeared in her. She said, dick me, dick me. That was almost a mistake because she was in a position where she couldn't move and he was long stroking her. He would pull it all out but the head and ram it back in her. She just kept saying, dick me, dick me good. Somehow she managed to wiggle her ass a little and started developing a rhythm with him. She meet every thrust with a short thrust of her own. No one said a word. All I could hear was heavy breathing and the slap of his thighs against her ass. For the first time I heard her say, you're making me cum, you're gonna make me cum. He just kept pumping. I could swear I heard her GUSH when she came but that did not stop him. With each thrust more of her cum was dripping from her cunt onto the bed. After another 45 minutes of fucking he lowered her legs and rolled off her. She was spent and looked at me and said, thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing me.

    By this time the third guy, John, came in and he was also naked. Now John had a bigger dick than the other two and Sarah even sat up in the bed and took notice. She grabbed at it in an attempt to suck it and he pushed her hand away. He said quite plainly, I here to fuck you. Her eyes were fixed on his cock and as she cleaned herself he approached her and roughly pushed her flat on her back. As soon as she threw the towel aside she bend he legs slightly and he entered her. She felt him. She tried to back away but he held her tight and forced the rest of it in her. She squirmed but couldn't get away. He told her to stop trying to get away, saying I am not going to hurt you but I have been wanting your pussy since the moment you walked in the door. We are both going to enjoy this.

    Sarah stopped squirming and raised her legs to about 45 degrees (without his support). He started dicking her and she put her arms around his neck and held on. She opened her mouth as if to moan, grunt or something but couldn't. Her mouth was open but nothing came out. He just kept dicking her. She was speechless. I could see her pussy being stretched by his dick and he was relentless. Finally she said, this is what I wanted, this is what I wanted. Their bodies were in rhythm with each other and she was giving as well as she was getting it. She said, it feels so long, so long and I can feel that big head at the back of my pussy. I never had a dick as big as yours (she could hardly get the words out of her mouth because he was fucking her so fast and the size of him was taking her breath away). Despite his size she begged him to keep fucking her. Don't stop, make me cum again. About 35 minutes later that is exactly what she was doing. This time she didn't have to say it. You could tell from the way she was convulsing and the way cum was being pushed out of her pussy. Finally he came to and they both just laid there. She was spent. He pulled out and left and she just laid there with her legs open and slightly bent.

    One of the hostess came in and asked if she was OK. Sarah nodded her head yes and the lady told her she was a little worried about her because she knew John had a big dick and he had been downstairs eager to get his turn with her. He and his two friend liked to tag team new women that just wanted a good fucking. Before she left the room she told Sarah that maybe next time she would be able to get some of that ass herself. The hostess winked at me as she left the room.

    Sarah rested and it was time to go. I didn't know what to make of the evening but as my wife walked through the bar area several men got a final feel of that big ass before she got out the door. They all said, I hope to see you again.

    She fell asleep on the short drive home. Once inside the house we talked and she said, this was the best Valentine's Day ever. To complete the night I gave her a heart shaped necklace with her name inscribed on it along with the words, I love you. We showered and went to bed without talking in detail about the evening. After an evening like that neither of us could sleep and she got naked and got on top of me. She started to ride me and when I started to move back against her she said don't move. I just want to fuck you. She put her hands close together on my chest and started riding me. She only moved her hips back and forth (her upper body was motionless). She fuck me hard for at least 30 minutes. We came within seconds of each other. It was great.

    Before she went to sleep she said that fucking was for the wonderful surprise I gave her. I Love You so much she said. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY DARLING and thanks for the best Valentine's Day ever.

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