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    The timers on the iOS app seem to be working backwards. For instance, if I have a hop schedule of 60, 20, and 10 minutes, the timers will all start at the beginning of the boil, and my 60-minute addition alarm won’t sound until after 60 minutes. Shouldn’t it be subtracted from the total boil time to change the timers to (using a 60-minute boil as an example) 0, 40, and 50 minutes?

    In my last brew, I also found that the timer just stopped for no obvious reason.

    I’m fine with using a backup, but the gadget person in me wants to be able to use the app!
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    Unfortunately the alarm timers have proven to be quite the challenge given the clear need and desire, and working around all the various issues with the variety of hundreds of devices, OS versions, android/ios and all the different manufacturers and not having root access.

    We have resolved the timer countdown issue, but getting the alarms to work consistently no matter if the user still has that page open, and the phone screen is off, or on, or may have put the app to sleep has been the difficulty.

    As soon as we have the remaining issues resolved, we will re-launch the mobile apps.
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