1. BenBe

    How do I count grams of sugars per liter?

    Hey brewers friends! Thanks to all of you who help me calculating Brew House Effeciency. Now how do I calculate quantity of sugar per liter of beer, like they do on spec sheet in wine industry.
  2. Xendelaar

    which SG to use to determine balanced IBU for a tripel

    I’m trying to make a Duvel Citra clone. This is a Belgian strong ale/ Tripel. I’m planning to use: - 9 lb of pilsner malt - 1,8 lb of sugar According to the SG to IBU chart, I “should” aim for an IBU of approximately 37-45 IBU with my current SG of 1.085. I was wondering though.. since a...
  3. T

    Bottling after cold crashing

    I know there is some differences in opinion, but I woud like to get some more thoughts to this senario: 1. Fermented beer at 68 degrees. 2. Crashed beer for 1 week, down to 40 degrees. 3. When calculating priming sugar to you use the 40 degrees in your sugar calculation? Or 68 degrees? Or ...