pressure fermentation

  1. C

    Question: Pressure Fermenting - Can you bottle this beer? How do you prime it?

    Hello all! Well, I"m getting back into home brewing after a LONG hiatus (I pretty much quit from Katrina 2005 till a few months ago)....and I've gone to the electric systems and SS conicals which can ferment under pressure. Living in New Orleans, as you might's MUCH easier to...
  2. Sunfire96

    Fermenting under pressure without a spunding valve

    I'm currently fermenting ~4 gallons of Golden ale with an OG of 1.047. It's currently at 1.017, it likely has another 5-10 gravity points to go. It's in a corny keg with the PRV removed for gas release. What would happen if I put the PRV back on today? Would the last bit of attenuation cause...