partial mash

  1. Marz

    How many BF brews have you done?

    I am interested to hear from the veterans of BF as well as new comers. How many brews have you done in Brewers Friend? What is your favorite brew you have done to date? Do you generally prefer: All-grain, Extract, Partial or BIAB? Why?
  2. kkourmousis

    Stepping up from kit brewing

    Hello everyone. While I am waiting to enjoy my first (kit) batch, I am searching and planning for my next step -it felt a bit too easy, just mixing cans and liquids. I searched around and I now have a solid understanding of what are the following methods: extract partial mash BIAB all grain...
  3. C

    First Partial Mash = Low OG

    Hey all. First time posting here and somewhat new to brewing. I've got 3 extract recipes under my belt and wanted to give partial mashing a shot, which I did last night. Researched the bejesus out of this before tackling, and thought I had it all figured out, but I ended up missing my target OG...
  4. B

    Partial Mash West Coast Aussie IPA

    Hi all, I've been out of the game a while, but have recently gotten back into it by showing a mate a few extract brews. After getting the basics down, he'd like to go partial with a well balanced IPA, so came up with the recipe below. Would be great to get some feedback and reasoning behind...