1. Dukeoprunz

    Question minimizing oxidation for bottled Hazy IPA

    All: I’m thinking about making a hazy IPA for my next recipe and understand that one of the things I want to do is minimize oxidization. However, I am not making the leap into kegging - it’s not practical given space limitations. So I’m strategizing how to purge O2 on a budget. I ran across...
  2. M

    oxidation concerns??

    Greetings all, Been lurking for a while, reading posts, checking out recipes etc. , when it struck me how many times in post I noticed someone reporting their gravity readings taken every 1-2 days. I was taught to not open fermenter anymore than necessary, after i put lid on I open it up once...
  3. KenK

    flavor went downhill fast

    Brewed a batch of cream ale from concentrate in January. It tasted great for the first month or so but the flavor went downhill after five or six weeks. Not disgusting, but not nearly as good. This was my very first attempt ever, so maybe something bad crept into the process. I thought I was...