1. Apotter

    Wyeast XL 3068 Weihenstephan Questions

    First time using the forums. I tried to search for more specific info about my situation with this yeast but couldn't find any so I'll just ask here. Excuse my metric system. I usually make 100-litre batches but this is the first time I decided to use liquid yeast for my hefe. Unfortunately...
  2. vthokiedsp

    Hefeweizen - slight off flavor...again.

    Morning folks. I brewed a hefezweizen in January of last year (bottled). Overall, it turned out ok but there was a little bit of an off-flavor and aroma. I'm really bad at associating a title to a taste but can pick up on a lot of tastes. it was a little plasticy but could also have been a...
  3. J

    60% Wheat = burned heating element?

    Good afternoon, Today I have brewed a hefe with 60% wheat and it turned out to be a total disaster. I've used a multi step mashing schedule, so heating between steps. I use a false-bottom-ish type system, where the electric heating element is below the mash. The wort flows down over the...