1. cbspencer

    Unit Price rounding to 2 decimal places problematic for grams

    In the My Inventory page, the rounding of the Unit Price to two decimal places creates a BIG rounding error when the unit is grams. For example, if I buy 250g of chocolate malt for $1.99, the unit cost is $0.00796/g. The initial calculation is accurate, but then the unit price is stored as...
  2. R

    Add dry yeast in grams

    Hi! I brew pretty small (5/10 liters), so I do not use the whole package. Is it possible to add the yeast in grams, so I can keep better track of my inventory? The calculation should be doable too ;)
  3. FBorrego

    Metric Units with bug on recipe edit

    Hi BF Forum, Today when editing my recipe, my IBU reading became crazy. Just because the unit. The funny thing is, when i click "View" the other tab is with correct seetings (IBU with grams of hops). Please check this!